When Should My Child First See a Dentist?

Your child’s first smile is a magical moment and their first tooth, a milestone in their life. At Dr PM Botha Inc, we want to help you and your child, to look after those precious teeth right through to adulthood.

Good oral hygiene is determined in childhood so it’s vital that children’s dental experiences are positive. Of course many of our patients are too young to fully appreciate the importance of good oral hygiene and that’s why we work closely with parents so they can make informed, responsible choices on behalf of their children. We will take time to explain all about your child’s risk of oral disease, preventative strategies and the modern, innovative treatments we offer.

Your child’s first visit to the dentist should be scheduled before his/her first birthday, thereafter every 6 months. A first visit to our practice focuses on the child getting to know us. It will include an initial examination, information about risk factors for dental disease, eating habits and general oral healthcare. From there we develop an individual treatment plan best suited to the child and family.

We provide services for children with healthy teeth as well as those who have problems. The general trend towards aesthetics and preventive care is important as the best looking teeth are those that are absolutely clean and healthy.

Our philosophy is about making each visit to the dentist child orientated, helping children to avoid the fears associated with dentistry.

Both Dr Botha, and Dr van Niekerk, work in theatre where they will perform all work needed on your child under general anaesthesia in the De La Vie Centre, Witbank. See more information under Patient Services – Theatre Information.

Dr van Niekerk can also perform sedation in-chair at our practice. See more information about conscious sedation under Patient Services – Sedation.